Title: I Don't Care
Artist: Cheryl
Played: 830 times

Cheryl - I Don’t Care (Explicit)

“What is it like? It hurt. It all hurt.
The lightning and everything else.
But I’m glad it happened.
I feel strong. I feel strong the way you feel strong from love,
and I see now that I can’t go
until I get it all out. I am so full.
I have to get it all out. If God wants it back, he picked the wrong fight.
It’s mine.
It has always been mine.
My heart beats on.” — DERRICK BROWN, “300 Bones” (via howtoleavetheozarks)

Outside ‘Good Morning America’ on September 30, 2014 in NYC

Title: Take Me to Church
Artist: Ed Sheeran
Played: 9266 times


Ed Sheeran covers Hozier - Take Me to Church


"would you let harry sty-"


Title: Gold
Artist: Sir Sly
Played: 20297 times

i just really love kodaline a lot okay

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[passes out]

Gigi Hadid by Christopher Anderson for GREY Magazine.